Naskah Drama Malin Kundang Bahasa Inggris

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A village named like there lived a young forward who was named Malin. He lived with his mother, while his father has long passed away. One day Malin expressed his desire for his mother to go wander into town.
Malin: "Mom, I'm going to migrate to the city alone, who knows I could have got there
employment for our lives. "
Mom: "Are you sure baby? Looking for a job in the big city is more difficult than finding
work in our village "
Malin: "I'm sure Mom, please let me ya! '
Mother: "Well if that's your desire, she let me."
Malin departed the next morning to the city to find work.
Place to place he went to, but to no avail.
Until one day he saw a beautiful woman shopping in the blue bag pasar.Tiba she was mugged by a man.
Cahaya: "Please, jambret!!!!! jambret!! "
Malin immediately help the Cahaya and pursue pejambret pejambret tersebut.Akhirnya He caught it and judge it.
Pejambret: "Please bang, my goodness. . . '
Malin: "Damn you, how dare only to women!"
Pejambret: "Please bang. . My god! "
Malin: "Follow my office to the police!"
Then the pejambret Malin brought to the police station to obtain further legal proceedings.
Cahaya: "Thank ya have helped me, for the expression of gratitude, will you to my house first. . ? "
Malin: "Yes ma'am"
Cahaya: "Do not call me ma'am, my name is Cahaya".
In short, Malin arrived home Cahaya and then met with the father. Since the incident Malin appointed as an employee and become familiar with the Cahaya. Because of its familiarity, to the extent Malin barely remember the mother of the kampong. Not long after, they were married.
Once married to Cahaya, Malin worked as an employee in-law.
Not accidentally, the ship stopped at this village forward, where he and his mother lived. A relative saw Malin trimmed and immediately convey Mrs. Malin.
Neighbor: "Mak, mak .. Malin home mother, he lined the harbor! "
Mother: "Malin home?? Thank reportedly Union over!"
Praise to God my son came home (in the liver)
Neighbor: "Come on Mom, we get there!"
Hearing the news that his mother was very happy. Day that awaited his mother arrived.
Mother: "Malin, Malin (shouting), Malin son, you're back kid. Mother missed you so much. "
Ashamed to admit his mother, Malin was lying.
Malin: "Who are you?? My mother is long dead! "
Mother: "It's your mother, son, I gave birth and raised you, why are you like this??"
Malin: "No, you're not my mother, my mother had died."
Cahaya: "Is it true he's mother Kang?? Then why do not you recognize him??"
Malin: "No! She's not my mother!! (His mother hurried)
Then the mother wept bitterly, children born and dibesarkannya not admit it.
Tearfully. Malin get out of the village.
Mother: "Oh GOD, why is my child the only one like that?? I gave birth and raised him ALLAH.Berilah He teguranmu Yes, indeed he is the rebellious son!"
Suddenly in the middle of the journey, the storm came, the wind, waves rise, Cahayaning blazing, the ship was shaken.
Malin: "What's this?? Storm so great"
Suddenly Cahayaning malin.
Malin: "Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh ......!!!!!!"
Instantly he became a rock ...
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